Newsletter 55

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #55

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1) Rumor warfare

1) Rumor Warfare
I've been getting some very interesting email lately, especially since announcing the creation of WishboneX Creations in the last newsletter. The letters seem to fall into two convenient categories. The first category contains letters, some of which appear to be from supposed industry "insiders", in which I'm given friendly advice to give up the illusion that a non-licensed wrestling game will ever be a success. I'm told other publishers have tried and failed even with games that apparently target the same market as PWX. The market for an unlicensed wrestling game, regardless of gameplay, is simply too small and I would be risking my future in the game industry before I even started.

The second category is made up of emails that contain music to a wrestling gamer's ears. All sorts of rumors like KOC coming to North America and AKI developing a NWA-TNA or WCW/ECW game for PS2. One even stated VPW3 was right around the corner. The purpose of these emails is obvious:take away the desire to make PWX by creating doubt in my mind that there will still be a need for it.

And come to think of it there is a third category. Emails congratulating the WGU on finally achieving it's goal of changing THQ's mind now that wonderful new improvements have been announced to all of it's wrestling titles.

I've been getting email from WGU supporters for over a year now and I can easily identify a sudden and uncharacteristic shift in attitude especially when it takes place in the space of only a few days. Where do these emails come from? I can only speculate, but their purpose is clear-to take the wind out of my sails.

Here's where I stand in response to these emails:

1) Is the market small and hard to please? Probably. But I'm willing to bet that the marketing strategy that has been in development over the last six months (which I haven't been dumb enough to divulge) will go a long way towards taking care of that.

2) Will we see KOC or a licensed AKI wrestling game in the near future? GOOD! Prove my point that there is a market for PWX. Besides, PWX has been in planning and development for a year and the truth is that even AKI can't claim the degree of knowledge of what an American wrestling market wants than the WGU. I'm not afraid of KOC or an AKI game. PWX will offer something different and, dare I say in some respects, better.

3) The WGU made THQ see the light and now we can rest easy as we await the release of WMXIX and SD5? Do I sound like someone who suffers from battered husband syndrome? "No really baby, I've changed! Come back to me and I promise I'll never sell you a half finished glitched game again...not that I'm admitting I ever did that in the first place." Words cannot express how utterly unimpressed I am with anything THQ has to say.

Bottom line:PWX is moving ahead as planned and in the end the gamers will decide the winner.

And with that, it's time for me to answer some email and make some phone calls because there's a game to make...

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski