About us

Real Name: Lee Benton | Picture 1 |
Age: 20
Location: MN
Short Bio: The first time i was ever online I had a webtv, I learned my first bit of HTML from a 45 year old Jamaican lady who also had webtv. For those of you that have never owned a webtv you can use HTML to make sig's in your emails. Well one day I was checking a webtv newsgroup (like a messageboard) and I came across a post by a person calling himself Lil Cube that interested me so I replyed with my opinions and we got to talking and soon became good friends and to this day are. From then on learning HTML was easy with a great friend like Cube telling me what I screw up

Lil Cube
Real Name: Jamaal Glaze | Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3 |
Age: 29
Location: Kansas
Short Bio: Born and raised 95% of my life in and around Kansas. Lived in Germany for 2 years. My mom wore combat boots so we moved alot. Was an asshole, and just all around trouble maker as a youth until I did somethin' STUPID and broke my neck at the age of 15. Been a lazy bum ever since, but not nearly the asshole I used to be. Spend all my time playin' games and watchin' TV nowadays. Ah, the life.