Newsletter 53

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #53

In this issue

1) Back to work
2) Blame Bush
3) Three tiered exploding acid cage..of doom
4) Prepare to mod
5) New media

1) Back to work
What a long and utterly brutal week. From Friday until, well, just yesterday I spent sunrise until sundown getting my family moved into our new home. Aside from no one actually being killed or injured the whole adventure was a mess of comical proportions. First, when you look at all the crap you have to move and you think you have about two truck loads, you are wrong. And undiscovered law of moving day physics clearly shows that you have at least five times more stuff than you think you do. So after spending all day moving I returned the truck to Budget at 2am which I later found out would cost me over $130 for the day instead of the $55 I was quoted when I picked it up. Gotta love those hidden fees.

The next day I went back to pick up the rest of the stuff I had left in the basement workshop only to find out the house had been broken into the night before and a bunch of things had been stolen including some studio equipment and two antique radios my dad had left me. To say I was upset would be an understatement. But on a humorous note, the new owner of the house was there and he told me he had just fired two workers he found drinking some of my wine I had left behind. What's so funny about that? The wine they were drinking was from a batch I made over three years ago and a few bottles weren't cleaned properly and subsequently became contaminated. If the guys drinking that wine would have shaken the bottle they would have seen a slimy layer of bacteria on the bottom. Instead, they got excited and drank the whole bottle. I'd be very suprised if they're not in a coma right now.

So now we're on day three and I'm driving by the old house when the new owner runs out waving his arms at me to stop. It turns out he found some plastic bags hidden under some bushes in the back and they were full of the stolen goods taken from me a few days earlier. Good news right? Well, it would have been if it hadn't been raining for the last three days and the bags hadn't been left open. So I've got everything drying out and most of it looks like it'll live but I'm not holding breath. I'm sure in the manual for my studio monitors it said something about "avoid soaking in rain water for more than 24 hours."

Day Four: Food poisoning. Lesson: If it looks like pasta salad and smells like pasta salad that doesn't mean it's pasta salad.

Day Five: Still no phone or internet service at the new house. Turns out I moved to the one city block in the whole city without adsl service and I have to switch to cable. Which is fine except that when the service guy comes to install everything he manages to delete my old mail server info from my pc and along with it the last year's worth of email to the WGU. All the fan ideas, surveys, everything. But I didn't panic. I absolutely totally and completely lost my mind. A few hours later I managed to recover everything. It's true what they say. Your life really does flash before your eyes.

So now it's Friday and everything is as back to normal as it could be. My email is working properly again but if you sent me anything in the last week I suggest you send it again.

What does all this have to do with Pro Wrestling X? Nothing, I just needed to vent before getting down to business...

2) Blame Bush
The big investor meeting planned for last weekend has been postponed and rescheduled for approximately the weekend of the 29th due to the war in Iraq. Our investor had made an emergency trip to the Middle East to pull one of his companies out of the area before the shit hit the fan. We've been in contact with him and he assures us our meeting is a top priority for him when he returns.

3) Three tiered exploding acid cage..of doom
Talk on the message board has heated up lately with regards to the possible inclusion of certain gimmick matches and whether or not PWX should bother with such features at the risk of sacrificing the all-important gameplay. I addressed the issue to a certain degree on the message board but I'd like to revisit the issue here and expand on my position if I may.

First, allow me to state again for the record that no gimmick match will be included at the expense of gameplay or edit features. In fact, given the complexity of features such as movable ladders and tables it's highly unlikely you'll see a TLC match in the first PWX. A cage match, however, involves a lot less headache than ladders or tables. The majority of the physics involved in a normal cage match are already present in a normal match with regular ring and crowd barrier interaction. Perhaps the easiest example of a cage match we could implement is the simple Fire Pro Death Match. Take a close look at that match and what do you see? All they've done is basically removed all rope and turnbuckle moves, added a cage graphic, and a few sparks. Hell, our crew could whip up a cage match like that far quicker and easier than a regular match.

We discussed the cage match at production meetings as the best option for a gimmick match to include in the first PWX simply because it was the easiest to program and would require the least amount of resources to do properly. If you take into account the match stipulations which you'll be able to apply to regular matches as well as cage matches and add the ability edit and create cages with custom properties and what do you have? A deep and enjoyable "gimmick" match that truly adds replay value and not just a novelty that gets old quick. I personally found cage matches in other games boring. If I only had time for a quick exhibition match I would never choose a cage match because it seemed to take away more match possibilities than it added. That's something I hope PWX will fix when our cage match feature debuts, be it in the first release or later down the road.

While on the topic of brutal cage matches I'd like to quickly address the blood issue again. Despite plans for a wide assortment of weapons and other blood inducing material it should be made clear that blood in PWX will not flow as easily as some may think. Blood, like submissions and TKO's, will be a dramatic point in any match. Blood will not fly with cartoonish levels of absurdity but it will be possible to take it to a level sometimes seen in real wrestling matches. "Crimson masks" will be possible but it'll take one hell of a long beating to get there. Too much blood too soon in the match and it looses it's dramatic effect don't you think?

Unless of course you're me and you just beat your brother in less than ten seconds with a ring post smash in a first blood championship match :)

4) Prepare to mod
We know that gamers are going to want to customize and modify PWX beyond what the in-game edit features will allow. That's why we're making a conscious effort to encourage quality mods of PWX and we'll be taking the extra step of producing tutorials so gamers can use the same tools our crew will be using like Adobe Photoshop and 3D Studio Max to easily and accurately mod elements of PWX while keeping things running as smoothly and glitch-free as possible. We feel that by taking the guess work out of the modding process it will encourage the rapid growth of freely downloadable add-ons as well as their accuracy. After all, who better to design a particular arena or weapon than the fans themselves? Hopefully, with a solid set of templates and tutorials fans will be encouraged to contribute directly to the PWX community.

5) New media
One positive effect of the delayed investor meeting is extra time for new media to be completed by the crew. Check the WGU site this weekend for some sneak peeks.

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski