Newsletter 52

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #52

In this issue

1) When it rains it pours
2) Targeted down striking
3) Moving

1) When it rains it pours
Well this was unexpected. Just days before we're supposed to be meeting with an investor we get a call from a game distributor about PWX. A distributor generally operates by buying a certain amount of games from a developer like us and distributed them around the country, or in this case the world. I had been curious about the cost of distribution for the purpose of the business plan because I had hoped to get enough money from an investor to produce and distribute PWX ourselves just because it meant we could easily retain all creative control over not only the game but the packaging as well.

A representative from a distributor finally got in touch with us Wednesday morning and to say it went well would be an understatement. He asked a lot of questions about the project and in fact, thanks again to the fans, has already seen the WGU website and was impressed by the hype. As we suspected, he had a minor concern about how we could market PWX past the hardcore market and into a wider audience. He even asked about the control scheme, which I thought was a little weird for a distribution guy, but he was familiar with other wrestling games and commented on how important an easy to learn control system would be. We had talked to another rep from this company last week and apparently they were already seriously considering working with us when we talked to the other guy on Wednesday. But when we told him we already had two ex-WWF stars on board to take care of the marketability issue he said his company would not only be willing to negotiate a distribution deal with us, but they might be interested in throwing some money at us, a SHITLOAD of money, if we could deliver PWX for this Christmas season.

Were we excited about the offer? Absolutely! But reality set in and after conferring with some of the crew the feeling was unanimous, even with a million dollar budget it would take a miracle to get PWX done by November and even then we'd end up with a product more on par with WMX8 than Fire Pro or No Mercy.

So at the risk of blowing a relationship with the distributor we had to decline. But we told them we'd be in touch again real soon because we we're confident we'd be in full time production within the next three months and we'd be ready to look at a distribution deal then. Much to our suprise, they asked us not to accept the investors money. They don't want to loose PWX and they want to talk about being the ones to finance it.

To quote John Stewart, "Whaaaaaa?"

So now we're faced with a scenario I never dreamed of in a million years. We could be looking at a bidding war over PWX.

Now we're talking!

2) Targeted down striking
Another fan idea that we'll be using is the concept of targeted downed opponent strikes, thereby eliminating problems like in No Mercy where you'd elbow drop someone's toes. Much like the way your character would move into position before applying a submission on a downed opponent the same will apply to strikes and it will be done a lot more smoothly than how it was done in Fire Pro. At this point we're planning for three different strike options (head/torso/toes) for an opponent lying face up and another three facing down, two for a sitting position and three for hands and knees.

3) Moving
This weekend will be brutal for me as I'll be packing up and moving my family to a new part of town into a house more suitable for raising a child in. As you can understand, I won't have any time to answer email or stop by the message board unless I really get my ass into gear and get moved faster than I expect. On the plus side, I get to engage in road rage while piloting a big-ass moving truck.

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski