Newsletter 51

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #51

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1) I hate this
2) Classes vs. stats
3) Can you smell the money?
4) See you there?

1) I hate this
Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep quiet about all the things going on with Pro Wrestling X these days? I can't stand not being able to talk about it and I know it's pissing a lot of you off as well. But wouldn't you have me drop hints here and there rather than not talk at all? I'm looking forward to making some official announcements on some of this stuff soon but until then let's have another round of "What the hell is Dave talking about?"

-More talks took place this week with our original ex-WWE wrestler. The wrestler is still very interested but the price tag just went up. Seems a movie deal was signed and they are worth a wee bit more than they were a few months ago. Still, plenty of public appearances with the opportunity to mention PWX along with the movie. Sound like a good deal?

-A second ex-WWE wrestler got on the phone with us. Very cool guy. Nothing like his on-air persona at all and he was also very interested. He asked a million questions and liked all the answers so if the price is right we may have another deal.

-In yet another bizarre twist of fate, the hype generated on the internet by PWX fans has actually led an international games distributor to our door. We gave them a quick rundown on the history of the project, it's philosophy, and it's sales potential and they want to meet with us to talk about a possible distribution deal that would get PWX into stores around the world including all the major retailers. Not bad for a game that exists only on paper, eh?

-Will PWX have to be translated into Japanese?

2) Classes vs. Stats
You've been asking to know which of the fan ideas will make it into PWX and I'm going start this week by talking about the "style" system in the CAW. Originally the plan was to divide up all wrestling styles in a class system similar to Fire Pro. While this would make it simple to quickly generate generic caws such as brawlers, technicians, etc. a lot of fans spoke up with an idea to instead use a very deep system of attributes instead because, they argued, not many wrestlers fit cleanly into one specific style.

So what they hell should we do? Well, it got me thinking about a conversation we had at an early production meeting regarding the visual part of the CAW. The argument was made that, while Smackdown has a superior depth of options in their caw visuals, many people felt it made it tedious and difficult to have to wade through so many options to create a decent looking face, for example. The solution we came up with was to simply offer a shitload of great looking CAW parts so you could slap a CAW together quickly but still allow you the option to delve deeper into the CAW and really go crazy customizing the small details if you so desired.

So, why not give the fans the same option for the style system? We can still offer a list of popular classes but those of you who want to tinker with attributes of each style (which I assume will be most of you) can open up another menu to do so and effectively create new styles altogether. This is the perfect solution for creating a class that will allow a heavyweight power wrestler to perform a decent moonsault.

So, fan ideas have already affected a change in PWX. You told us the style system was a good start but it wasn't good enough so we're simply going to let you bust open the styles and attributes and go nuts. A point system should take care of preserving balance between styles. What do you think?

3) Can you smell the money?
We all know the investor meeting is coming up soon and everyone is feeling pretty good about the possibility of a positive outcome. But I'm also happy to report that a friend of mine has offered to pay for the first month of production if the investor falls through or even if he wants to invest but the money takes too long to come through. So in a way I guess we have our first confirmed investor even if it is only for a few thousand to get us going in an emergency. The only sticking point is that I've always been told to never accept a lot of money from friends or family. Would you take it if you were me?

4) See you tonight?
A new wrestling promotion is starting up in Vancouver and their first show is being held tonight, Friday the 7th in Burnaby. I'll be there so if you're planning to attend don't be a stranger. Come up and say hi if you see me.

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski