Newsletter 50

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #50

In this issue

1) $1,000 dollars poorer
2) Which fan ideas are in?
3) Tirador gets a face lift
4) THQ. Trust them?

1) $1,000 dollars poorer
I don't think anyone on this mailing list has ever doubted my commitment to the Pro Wrestling X project but yesterday I did something that I needed to do in order to prove to myself that this is really for real. It's pretty easy to sit here and talk big like thousands of other cocky wannabes but I've been under increasing pressure to take care of some legal issues that required some cold hard cash. Sure, I've dished out a few bucks here and there for web hosting and donuts for production meetings but the bill I would have to pay to get things in order would be $1,000 bucks. Considering I gave up a good chunk of my income a few months back it felt like an even bigger chunk of cash. But I had to decide if I was truly serious about this project or just playing "look at me I'm a game developer!". So with a little push from my always amazing wife I met with my lawyer, signed the cheque for $1,000, and told him to go ahead. No turning back now. In fact, I felt surprisingly happy and excited afterwards--a good sign that I did the right thing.

In two weeks I'll be sending out a press release to announce the results of my well spent money.

2) Which fan ideas are in?
Everybody wants to know if the ideas they submitted will be in PWX. Man, I wish I could say they'll all be in but that would mean PWX would take five years to develop and who can wait that long? Obviously, even with all the great ideas I've seen I just can't include them all, at least not in the first PWX. Also, it's very unwise for us to publicize any groundbreaking features in the game for fear another developer will use those features before PWX is released and chip away at our competitive edge. So I'll tell you what I'm going to do. Next week I'll start divulging some of the ideas that made into the design document just so you can at least get an idea of what will be in. But I won't be talking about any of the truly innovative features until PWX is at least six months from its release date. I'm sure you understand the reasons for keeping certain features hush hush at least for now. And I'm sure you also understand that the only surprises will be good ones, not glitches or missing features.

3) Tirador get's a face lift
If you've been on the message board lately you know that Darrell has posted some new 3D models of Tirador. What I wanted to point out was what happened shortly after that truly reflects what gamers can expect from PWX down the road during production. After Darrell shared his initial version of Tirador some of you asked him if he could make a few changes to his face. The very next day Darrell had a new Tirador with reshaped eyes and mouth much to everyone's delight. How many other developers actually listen to fan input much less act on it by changing their models? Expect the same sort of interaction as we continue production of animations, arenas, and more models. And thanks to Darrell stepping up to the plate and taking the fans seriously. Ain't he swell?

On a related note. James, creator of the first arena as well as the basement concept art, has appeared on the board asking for ideas and direction as he works on more designs. I want to thank him for doing that and invite you all to share your ideas with him and potentially see your arena in PWX. My personal favorite fan idea so far? It's got to be that Lucha ring by Mauler.

4) THQ. Trust them?
If you've been to the THQ site lately you may have noticed a cute little survey they put up asking for fan input on the future of THQ wrestling games. Uhm, yeah. So now all of a sudden they're acting like they want our input and truly care about the quality of their product. Seems to me I was pretty active in trying to share our input on behalf of the WGU LAST FREAKIN YEAR and all I got was form letters for my trouble. Sure, it appears as though they're trying to cater a bit more to gamers like us by co-opting the WGU philosophy in their own weak little way and ultimately that's what we originally wanted them to do. But it's too little too late. Do they honestly think we'll back down from producing PWX and jump on the THQ bandwagon? Not bloody likely. They weren't do damn eager to listen their customers when we were all writing and phoning to ask why our No Mercy games we're mysteriously erasing themselves, were they? And did we ever get an answer to all the broken WMX8 promises? Not even close.

So pardon me if I'm less than impressed by their feeble attempts at redeeming themselves in the eyes of gamers like us. With the exception of Sanders Keel the same people are still working there that lied to us and ignored us not too long ago.

By the way, in the off chance that THQ might be reading this I'd like to say something to them they need to hear...

Go ahead and do your best. I hope you honestly do something to improve your wrestling games and as a gamer I still have a glimmer of hope that you'll do the right thing. But as hardcore gamer who just happens to be in charge of producing Pro Wrestling X I feel the need to clue you in to a few undisputable truths. Because the only thing you have control over is your own games and:

1) You can't stop us from making PWX.
2) You can't stop PWX from being a great game.
3) You can't stop word of mouth from making PWX a hit.

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski