Newsletter 49

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #49

In this issue

1) Side grapple update
2) Edit what?

1) Side grapple update
Since the last newsletter PWX supporters have been sharing their thoughts on the side grapple issue and I want to thank them for their input. Thanks to their input I've been able to put together a better plan for the use of a side grapple moveset that I'm sure everyone will like. The plan now is to reserve the side grapple for moves that will be available exclusively from that position. What this means is that instead of simply allowing the same moves for a side grapple as we will from a front or back grapple, we will now be animating new moves that will be reserved exclusively from a side grapple.

But before you get excited I should tell you that the new plan for side grapple moves may not be seen until the sequel to PWX. The crew will have their hands full enough with the programming and animating just the front and back grapple moves and I'm sure that, although side grapple moves will be very nice, it's a feature most of you won't mind waiting for. Am I wrong?

2) Edit what?
Most of you know by now that the two main priorities of PWX will be the gameplay and the edit features. But what some people are wondering is what exactly will be customizable and what will not. The main point of confusion appears to be with the roster. Some people are concerned that the crew may be spending too much time modeling original wrestlers when most gamers will simply want to delete them and create their own. We know that and we're actually counting on it.

First, the models you've seen so far have been modeled for marketing and publicity purposes and they've been done free of charge by the crew members in an effort to have something to show investors etc. When it comes time to model the wrestlers for the PWX roster it really won't take much time at all. We'll probably be able to do at least 100 in a few days. How? Simple. Not unlike the Aki and Fire Pro games, PWX will build it's roster from the CAW engine. The art crew will be spending a boat load of time modeling and texturing the various clothing and body parts for the CAW and once they're done it's simply a matter of sitting down just like any gamer and building the roster from the CAW menu. Of course, there will be a fair deal of CAW parts made specially for some of our more original roster members but Alek and Jessica have actually been aware of the different CAW parts people will be wanting and have been designing their wrestlers with that in mind. Kudos to them for thinking ahead and doing so. This newsletter also officially marks the first time I've ever used the word "kudos".

So, long story short:

-Roster will be completely editable
-Virtually unlimited CAW/stable/Fed slots for creating your own.
-Import image files for use on clothing, tattoos, etc.
-In game arenas may not be editable BUT, again, likely have unlimited slots for your own created arenas.
-Mat, apron, ropes, turnbuckle style, outside mats, barrier, are all editable.
-Stage designs will be fairly editable including color scheme, banner/logo placement, overall style, lighting, and placement of certain objects.
-It is very likely that we will be able to allow gamers to import their own stage designs from certain 3D programs once we work out a basic template and design parameters for you to follow.
-Pay-per-view title screens and match up screens are editable.
-PWX will come with a set of crayons so even the box art is editable.
-Did I mention how editable everything will be?
-Hey, maybe we should even make the color of blood editable so you can make it green and put Spock in a Vulcan death match?
-If you say editable enough times it starts to sound like it's not even a real word.

As you can see, we want you to be able to crack PWX open and basically make your wrestling game the way you want it to be. With all the editing features there is should be no reason gamers can't create a typical American game, Lucha style game, Puro, MMA, or Death Match blood bath. I think someone on the message board said it best, "Let the players play."

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski