Newsletter 48

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #48

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1) Side grapple moves?
2) Awww crap
3) Ring ring ring
4) New media

1) Side grapple moves?
I was going over the design document this week and an idea struck me that I wanted to run by you guys. It would be possible with a little extra effort to include a side position grapple in addition ot the standard front and back as long as we made a decision soon. If you've ever played Giant Gram 2000 you know what I'm talking about. It wouldn't necessarily mean there would be extra moves. It would just be a case of taking some of the front and back grapple moves and assigning them to a side grapple situation instead. It would give us more variety and a larger number of grapple moves but my concern is that it might slow down game flow a bit because you would likely be shifting back and forth from front,side, and back every time you grapple to get the move you want. If you've never played GG2000 think about the way you can switch from a front to a back grapple in No Mercy by hitting the shoulder button. All I'm proposing is the option of stopping half way at a side grapple. Same idea.

What do you guys think? After weighing the pros and cons do you think PWX should incorporate side grapples?

2) Aww crap
This morning I tried to check my email and the bloody thing kept crashing every time I tried to open my email program. Finally I got it to open only to realize to my utter horror that the last seven days of email had been deleted! Survey answers, award votes, everything! So if you emailed me within the last week or voted for the Best Game Award please resend it. Urge to kill fading....

3) Best Game Award
Votes just keep coming in every day and because the voting is so close I see no reason not to keep the voting open for another week or so. I'm having a good laugh at some of the votes for Worst Game, too. When some people hate a game they REALLY hate a game! Was Tag Team Wrestling really that bad?

4) Ring ring ring
Last Tuesday was perhaps one of the best days I've had since deciding to produce PWX. In one day I took calls from a well known wrestling announcer, a wrestling journalist and author, and the owners/operators of two of my favorite indy feds. All of them were wonderful to talk to, down to earth, and genuinely happy to help PWX succeed. These people all said that what we're trying to do with PWX is something they want to be involved with and have agreed to talk further to see what we can work out in terms of how we'll be able to work together.

Which brings me to something else that I need to get off my chest. I tried contacting a few organizations that, while popular, are known to be suffering from internal problems affecting their operations. After "dealing" with them it's no bloody wonder they can't seem to get their act together. I may not be Donald Trump but I have learned a few secrets I'd like to share with these organizations. This is really complicated stuff so I hope they pay close attention to the advice I'm about to give:

1) When someone leaves you a message, return their call.
2) If someone emails you at your business address, reply.
3) If you say you're going to call someone, actually call them.
4) When you leave a phone message, tell me who you are and leave your number.
5) Repeat after me, "I am not Vince McMahon."

So if you own an indy fed or wrestle in one and things just haven't been going the way you wanted them two for the last few years, read my list and ask yourself, is it really any suprise?

That being said, I've had the pleasure of talking to some truly genuine people who gave me the time of day and we're wonderful to talk to. I guess some people have their shit together and will go far in the business and other people think the world owes them a living and they blame everyone but themselves when things don't work out for them. I swear to God, just follow my list and 99% of your problems will disappear if you just start treating people with a little respect and humility.

4) New Media
Keep checking back this weekend for some new PWX media. We'll have a shot of Tirador 3D in progress and some concept art as well. And if you drop by the message board I'll have a new animation just for the board crowd.

Speaking of the message board, hasn't it been great? I secretly hope it never gets much bigger just for quality's sake. We have regular posters with strong opinions about a variety of issues and yet discussions never deteriorate into flame fests. Solid intelligent wrestling discussion? Who'd of thought...

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski