Newsletter 47

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #47

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1) You get it
2) Welcome new people
3) We need help?

1) You get it
Last week I announced a tentative deal with at least one former WWF wrestler to boost the marketability of Pro Wrestling X and response among our supporters was a mixture of concern for our credibility and optimism that, whoever it is, they will only serve to ensure the success of the project.

No, I still can't tell you who it is, but I'm sure some of you have guessed it from the clues I gave you last week. But what I wanted to talk about this week is the purpose of our deal (hopefully) with this person and it's potential affect on PWX in terms of game features. I have learned the hard way that the biggest mistake I can make as producer of this project is to fail to communicate my intentions clearly in order to keep assumptions to a minimum. Just ask Mel ;)

Let's say for the sake of discussion that the wrestler we intend to sign is...Sable. It's not really Sable! But let's pretend it is for a moment. We approached this wrestler and said we were making a game of the highest quality that would be in direct competition with the WWE and we are looking for a high profile wrestler that would attract attention to the project and be of use in our marketing campaign. We said we are NOT looking to build the game around any one wrestler and there is zero chance of the game becoming "Sable's Pro Wrestling X" and in fact we have no intention of putting any real wrestlers face on the box art either. Our intention is to use the wrestler's likeness in some advertising material, point of purchase displays, and get the wrestler to make personal appearances at trade shows like E3. It would also be nice if the wrestler could assist us with any technical advice we may seek during production like interesting move reversals and things like that. And it's most likely the wrestler will appear on the roster or at least as an official caw download. But I'd like to think that you guys have enough faith in me and the rest of the crew to know that we would never let a celebrity endorsement, no matter how huge, affect the core gameplay and features of PWX. All we're trying do is get the attention of wrestling fans who may not yet be as passionate about wrestling games as we are and turn them into rabid PWX lovers.

A famous wrestler is like bait on the PWX hook. Once we get people to look our way we can reel them in with features, editability, and gameplay. Think about it, Joe Blow hasn't watched wrestling on tv or played any of the latest video games because he got turned off by the insulting story lines, weak wrestling, etc. and he sees an ad in a magazine or our display in a store and says to himself, "What the hell is this?" he checks out our website or flips over the box and checks out the game features. Once he gets that far it's all over--we own him. PWX will deliver in every way that matters to serious wrestling fans. Will gameplay and features be enough to convince the younger gamers who may be disappointed they don't see Tori Wilson or Brock in the game? I'm confident it will.

We already have a solid relationship with the hardcore gamers out there and we know you're smart enough to look past certain parts of our marketing campaign and see the real reasons to want PWX. I know if you were in my position and staring at an opportunity to finally bring PWX to store shelves you'd do whatever it took without sacrificing the core game elements. This endorsement deal may be all our investor needs to feel secure about his investment and if it means we'll get the money to make PWX--the game we all want--isn't that the most important thing of all?

I want to know what you think about the issue of celebrity endorsement of PWX. Got an opinion you think I should hear? Email me at and speak your mind whether you agree with me or not. You guys are the core reason PWX has gotten this far and your opinion is weighed heavily by me and the rest of the crew.

2) Welcome new people
The message board has seen a lot of With Authority players join the WGU ranks and I'd like to extend a sincere welcome to all of them and thank them for coming aboard. It's sad that their game will no longer be available online but I'm sure PWX will make them forget all about With Authority when it's released. Nice to meet you, guys!

3) We need help?
While the issue of celebrity endorsement has been all the rage lately an overlooked part of PWX has been taking shape in the background and it's affect on gameplay is potentially staggering. You and I may consider ourselves experts in all things wrestling related but wouldn't it be great for PWX there were people we could go to for real expert advice when we needed it? Hey, even Mel doesn't know every variation of every wrestling move and their reversals. But if we could collect a group of elite wrestlers and industry veterans we would have a virtually limitless resource of experience, knowledge, and talent. These aren't people who would be of much mainstream marketing value. For instance, Sable wouldn't be one of them but Chris Daniels might. The purpose of this would be solely to ensure PWX is as authentic and exciting as possible.

What do you think?

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski