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1) Wow! Really?

1) Wow! Really?
I've learned a valuable lesson this week. I'm not as smart as I think I am but I sure as hell am luckier than I ever thought I could be. I will no longer be arrogant enough to believe that I already know with 100% certainty what the exact path to success is for Pro Wrestling X. I was so focused on what I thought was the only chance for the project that I completely ignored some very smart fans until recent events smacked me in the face and woke me up to another possibility.

Let's recap, shall we? By now you all know that I've been after one or two high profile ex-WWF wrestlers to help secure a distribution deal for PWX. Well, after I announced my plans to do this I started getting email from PWX supporters offering their advice on which wrestlers I should go after. Most of the letters contained the same obvious few names but in a suprisingly large number of those emails a certain unusual name kept popping up. At first, the so-called "serious" wrestling fan in me laughed it off. This wrestler may be fairly recognizable to the casual wrestling fan but most hardcore wrestling fans would likely scoff at the idea. Or so I thought.

This wrestler's name kept popping up and now I was starting to see things in a different light. The whole purpose of signing a famous wrestler was to appeal to the casual fan, not necessarily the serious fan. Hardcore Puro, Lucha, and American indie fans are already going to buy PWX based on the gameplay and editability. The idea was to find a wrestler who's image would make casual gamers take a second look at PWX and hopefully learn more about it and purchase it. So the bottom line then is that it's better to have wrestler with more mainstream popularity than smark credibility.

So I tried a little experiment. I mentioned this wrestler's name to everyone I talked to and without fail every single person, wrestling fan or not, knew who I was talking about. When I added that I was working on getting this person involved with the PWX project the response was almost always, "Wow! Really?" And all along I had been too snobby to even consider this wrestler. It just goes to show me how I should never stop listening to the WGU fans. You guys were on to something.

But when I thought about it more I began to think that this person may have more credibility that I originally thought.

For example. Check out these accomplishments;

-Held two major WWF title belts.
-Traditionally trained and found success the hard way up through the indies. Not some former sports star/rapper/model who just floated into the big time with a major push.
-Featured member of one of the most popular WWF stables.
-Extremely successful and popular wrestling in Japan.
-Arguably has the most mainstream popularity out of any of the former WWF wrestlers judging by my own informal research.

So I figure we might as well try to contact this person and see what we can accomplish. Admittedly I didn't get my hopes up considering the hell we've been going through trying to deal with another wrestler. But I got Tracy to do her best and after only a few days we received an email with an offer to talk more about the PWX project. Okay, so things were looking good. We made contact and got a positive response but that doesn't mean a whole lot considering our experience in these matters. Tracy emails back and includes her home phone number with instructions to call collect anytime from anywhere to discuss the project. That same night Tracy's phone rings and it's the wrestler. Tracy spends almost an hour on the phone with the wrestler giving as much information and background as possible about the WGU and PWX and the wrestler actually...loves the idea! Tracy talks about how we are a small but fierce company and how we're the underdog trying to directly compete with the wrestler's former employer, the WWE. The wrestler freakin' LOVES the idea and calls Tracy back twice that night to clear up a few details and by the end of the night we have the wrestler's verbal commitment to become involved in PWX! The wrestler is willing to do personal appearances and to make the deal even better the wrestler has offered to do it in a way that gives us a lot of financial breathing room. And how much creative control does this wrestler want over the final product? None!

So now we have a wrestler who's involvement will get the needed attention of the general public including the all-important buyers for the distribution companies. Now all we need is some bloody money from an investor, right?

Wellllll Tracy gets on the phone to our potential investor immediately following her conversations with the wrestler and she tells him, "So-and-so has just agreed to get involved. When do you want to talk about financing this project?"

March 15th is the date.

Choke slam me because I must be dreaming.

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski