Newsletter 45

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #45!

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1) Big Name response
2) Sanders gets the axe
3) Missing newsletter

1) Big Name response
It was with a healthy dose of trepidation that I stopped by the message board a few days after the last newsletter. I was certain that at least a few of you would have taken my announcement to sign a few famous wrestlers as a sign I was selling the project out. Imagine my pleasant suprise when I was greeted with all positive posts! Once again the WGU supporters have shown themselves to be intelligent human beings with a realistic understanding of our business situation. That's good. I'm very happy everyone sees the position I'm in and that you've given me your blessing to continue in this direction.

Now I'm going to let you all in on a dirty little secret. I've been in contact with two of the wrestlers mentioned in message board discussions on the subject. In fact, I've been pursuing one of the wrestlers for the last four months with mixed success. Which brings me to something I've learned in the process...

...some wrestlers, no matter how famous, have people working for them who don't have their best interests at heart.

Case in point. I easily obtained contact info for this one wrestler after deciding he was my number one choice to have involved in PWX. My good friend and marketing guru, Tracy, acted as my public relations person and proceeded to email an introductory email to his business office.


Another email. Nothing. Tracy then places a phone call to his business office and leaves a voice message. Nothing. She calls regularly for the next few days with no response and on the fifth try the outgoing message on his answering machine says, "You have reached the business office of ****** productions. We have been out of the office for a few days and we can assure everyone who has been trying to reach us that we will return every one of your phone calls."

This message was left by his "personal assistant" and sounded like it might have been directed at Tracy in particular. So we waited for a week for the "assistant" to return our calls. Nothing. Finally Tracy sent off a registered letter that someone would have to sign for so we could be assured our proposal was reaching our intended target.

Finally, after all this amazingly professional conduct, Tracy got an email from our guy. The email went on to apologize for the lack of correspondence and we were excited to learn that the wrestler had in fact read our proposal and was very much interested in hearing more about the PWX project. We we're even asked to phone immediately to arrange a meeting when Tracy would be in town.

We we're shocked! After all that work we finally got word that this guy might actually be talked into signing on to the project. That was a month ago and right away Tracy began calling and leaving messages to arrange the meeting. That was a month ago.


We have our own theories as to what might be going on with the man but it just makes you want to shrug your shoulders and give up on him. If I didn't respect him so much I probably would. Sure, maybe PWX isn't the most lucrative project he's been approached about but, dammit, when you say you want to talk with someone why does your management make it so difficult to do business with you? We aren't giving up on him, not by a long shot. I just hope the people looking after his business affairs don't end up putting one of wrestling's living legends in the poor house.

But all is not so sketchy. Last week after deciding to pursue other wrestlers as well, I took a look a list of wrestlers who were no longer under contract with the WWE or who's contracts were soon to expire.

At the top of the list was one wrestler in particular who I honestly skipped right over because I thought there was no chance in hell I could land this guy. He was out of our league. But then I began hearing rumors that maybe he wasn't too happy with the WWE anymore and would not be returning anytime soon. So I figured, what the hell, and I sent out an introductory email to someone I believed would be able to get it to him. Judging from my past experience I fully expected to wait weeks before hearing back, if at all. But I was amazed when I checked my email the next day and they replied. They told me to forward a formal proposal and it would be forwarded to the wrestler in question. So I got a proposal together and sent it off. I was even so bold as to ask to be notified when the proposal was actually forwarded to the wrestler so I could be sure he received it. The next day I got the confirmation. He got our proposal. Now that's how a professional behaves.

To add to my good mood lately, one of the wrestling personalities I was interested in speaking to got wind of the PWX project through a fan and actually took the initiative to contact me first!

The whole experience just proves to me that some people don't have a clue no matter how much fame and recognition has been heaped upon them and other people remain grounded, accessible, and professional. And guys, if any of you end up becoming world famous wrestlers just remember to surround yourself with good people who you can trust to look after your future with as much attention as they give to your bank account.

3) Sanders gets the axe
Well that was a suprise, wasn't it? I guess THQ up a fired our good buddy Sanders, producer of nearly every THQ wrestling game, a few days ago.

This could be very bad for wrestling game fans.

Why? Well, I'm at a bit of a loss to come up with a good reason to fire the guy. Sure, after WMX8 it seemed like an obvious conclusion to anyone who played that thing, but the truth of the matter is that Sanders was truly showing signs of pulling his head out of his ass with SYM. I mean, it looked like he was actually listening to gamers like us. SYM was a giant leap forward and the fans, for the most part, liked it. So why go and fire a guy who produces best selling wrestling games for your company?

In any case, I hope it had nothing to do with the WGU. My intention was to make THQ and other developers make better games. I sincerely never intended for the WGU movement to cost any one human being their livelihood. I'm going to assume we had nothing to do with it unless he decides to email me and tell me any different. Actually, despite our very public differences I'd very much like to talk to the guy and get an insider's take on the state of the THQ WWE monopoly. I bet he could tell us some stories.

At any rate, I hope Sander's takes this opportunity to move forward and redeem himself in the eyes of the gamers who once trusted him. No more excuses, Sanders. THQ ain't your daddy now.

4) Missing newsletter
Oops. It seems my brilliant numbering system fell apart a few weeks back and newsletter #34 never happened. For those of you looking for a copy of #34 you can stop looking because I skipped right to #35. I'll try to be a better human being in the future :)

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski