Newsletter 43

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #43!

In this issue

1) Here we go again
2) Southern wrestling
3) Bret Hart
4) No Mercy is the worst game ever!
5) Tirador is coming

1)Here we go again
I've been taking my vitamins and getting plenty of sleep in preparations for another shot with a new investor. I know we've been down this road before guys and been disappointed but this time I can honestly say I'm going into it more prepared than ever. This investor is a good guy and happens to be related to someone on the crew. He also happens to have enough money to fully finance about 500 games, not just ours. Regardless of past set backs I feel very good about this one. We've already spoken to him and the response was good. He has no problem at all with the amount of money we asked for (over a quarter of a million) but we now have the job of presenting him with a solid financial statement detailing the total cost of the project right down to the last paper clip. And he obviously will not throw that much money at an inexperienced management team so I'll likely be announcing the addition of a new crew member someday soon who will bring a boat load if industry experience to the team.

We're still in the game guys and we're in it to win it.

2) Southern wrestling
We all know about the great message board run by Lil Cube and Shi-yu but I want to let you guys in on a little gem run by a a guy named Brent down south. There are some great links especially to great southern feds and wrestlers. I think the background graphic on the message board contains some of the coolest looking masks I've ever seen. It's a fun site to surf, check it out when you get a chance.

3) Bret Hart
Bret Hart recently relaunched his website and I want to bring your attention to one of the most thorough and factual accounts of the famous Montreal Screwjob. For those of you too young to remember, Bret Hart was viciously deceived by Vince, Michaels, and his good friend and referee Hebner when he left the WWF for WCW. It was easily the lowest point in Bret's career and pro wrestling in general.

Visit and click on "montreal" in the link list.

4) No Mercy is the worst game ever!

Believe it or not I've actually revived votes for No Mercy as the worst game ever since announcing the WGU Hall of Fame award last week. Even the untouchable Fire Pro D has had a few votes for worst game and Smackdown4 is doing fairly well in the Best Game category.

Do you agree with these people? Do you think they're inhaling something they shouldn't be?

Then help me make this award as prestigious as possible by reaching out to the gamers who may not have heard about it yet. I'm sure you'd be upset if your favorite game didn't win and you didn't get a chance to vote so here's what I suggest:

Check out each of the following message boards and invite everyone on them to visit this link to info about the contest,

This way word will get around very quick and we'll end up with a wide cross section of wrestling gamers to make the voting as fair as possible. If you post a message about the voting it won't be considered off topic as long as you mention the specific game to which each board is dedicated. For example, tell the Fire Pro D board about a chance to make Fire Pro D the winner of the award. See what I mean? Check out the links and thanks for helping out!


Smackdown:Shut Your Mouth-PS2

Smackdown:Just Bring It-PS2

Legends of Wrestling1-PS2

Legends of Wrestling 2-PS2

Legends of Wrestling 2-Xbox

Legends of Wrestling 2-Gameboy Advance

Legends of Wrestling 2-Gamecube

Fire Pro Wrestling A-Gameboy Advance

Fire Pro Wrestling 2-Gameboy Advance

Road to WrestlemaniaX8-Gameboy Advance

King Of Colosseum-PS2

WWE Raw-Xbox

Fire Pro Wrestling D-Dreamcast

Giant Gram 2000-Dreamcast

Toukon Retsuden 4-Dreamcast

Virtual Pro Wrestling 2-N64

WCW/NWO Revenge- N64

WWF No Mercy-N64

WWF Wrestlemania2000-N64

So drop by the boards of your choice and remind those guys that their game could lose if they don't get out and vote!

5) Tirador is coming
While I've been filling my time juggling numbers and budgeting the production of PWX, Tirador has been slowly coming to life at the hands of WGU artist Darrell C. and he's looking good. The plan is to unveil Tirador along with another PWX roster member in the near future and together with Dre you will see three distinctly different visual styles of 3d modeling. I will then present these models to you, the fans, and ask you to choose which visual style you want to see in PWX. What other developer would do that?

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all, Dave Wishnowski