Newsletter 42

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #42!

In this issue

1) I quit
2) Funny animation test
3) WGU Hall of Fame award

1) I Quit
I've devoted the better part of 2002 to the WGU and the Pro Wrestling X project while at the same time working to support my family and run my businesses. Sometimes I wish I had started this thing years ago when I was living at my parent's house and had all the time in the world to pursue crazy dreams like this one. But the fact of the matter is I have a responsibility to make sure my daughter grows up with a roof over her head and food in her little belly. The WGU has made a lot of progress and has achieved more than any one else who has tried to do something about the state of wrestling games today and we've also seen some rough times when it comes down to investors and getting into full time production.

You see, I spend every spare minute of every day working on PWX and there just isn't enough time to devote to it and still run my recording studio, teaching studio, and web design business. I do pretty good for myself. I'm not getting rich but my family isn't starving either. I work hard and treat people right and because of that I've had a steady stream of clients for the last eight years and I've never had to advertise. I could keep doing what I'm doing and I'd never be poor again but I'm never going to be able to retire or buy a nice house on Vancouver island on what I'm making, either.

And that's why I've had to make the hard decision to close my recording studio and web design business.

My wife and I have talked about it and we both have faith that in the long run PWX will be worth the gamble. We believe, along with thousands of our supporters, that Pro Wrestling X is going to do well. Better than well. Pro Wrestling X has the potential to ensure a good life for my daughter and I firmly believe that.

So to all my web design clients and to the bands waiting to have me produce their cd's, I'm sorry, but I quit. I need to do this to take PWX to the next level where it needs to be.

On second thought, maybe it's a good thing that the WGU happened when I was married with a daughter and not when I was young and single. Because it can be too easy to give up on yourself when you have no one else to answer to. But how can I ever teach my daughter to dream big and be anything she wants to be if she looks at daddy and sees a man who had a chance, but chickened out?

So it looks like I'll have even less cash to spend on NWA PPV's and guitar magazines but at least I'll have more precious time to give to PWX and that's what the project needs now more than ever.

2) Funny animation test
Want to see a new move animation? Head on over to the message board and download one of the more unique wrestling animations you'll probably ever see ;)

3) WGU Hall of Fame award
We must not forget that the WGU is about more than just PWX. We are all wrestling gamers at heart and that's why I've decided to hand out the first ever WGU Hall of Fame award for best wrestling game..ever!

But I need your help picking the game for this illustrious honor. The winner will be determined by the fans by write in vote and every attempt will be made to notify the winning developer and get their response. I've had a similar question on the web site but it asked for favorite game or game series. This time I want you to pick your favorite single game. Domestic or import, it's up to you. Please include your reasons for picking the game because we'll be including quotes from fans when we notify the winner and announce it on the WGU web site. There will be no list of nominees because I want the voting to be as open as possible. Who knows, we may see a Backstage Assault landslide...or not.

Email your vote to me at

And just for kicks, how about picking the worst game ever, too? We'll even notify the winner of that award as well :)

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski