Newsletter 40

Welcome to the Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #40!

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1) Why fantasy wrestlers?
2) Happy Holidays!

1) Why fantasy wrestlers?
As most of you probably know by now, the creative team and I have been working hard creating a roster of fictional wrestlers for Pro Wrestling X and some of you have already asked why we aren't just taking advantage of all the eager indy talent and using real wrestlers instead. Well, there are a few reasons that I'm sure will make sense and possibly even get you excited about our essentially "fake" wrestlers.

The first reason may no longer necessarily apply but it probably seems obvious to you--we HAD to create our own roster if we weren't going to get (or actually want) a WWE license. But not after we made the decision to draw up our own creations we came to a positive realization--we really enjoy this stuff! Seriously, how many of you think to yourselves that you could easily come up with better characters and gimmicks than Vince, Bischoff, or Russo? That's why we whip up our own precious caws for all our favorite wrestling games, right? So it ended up being that Alek, Jessica, Mel, and I are truly excited about creating a fantasy roster complete with biographical histories of each wrestler and the federations they worked in. I swear to God by the time we're done we'll have a book written we'll have done so much work on this roster.

Will most gamers care? Probably not. I'm sure a lot of you will just scroll through the roster a few times for kicks and then sit down for a few days making all your caws. I would too. But if you give us a chance I think you'll get a kick out of the ideas and effort we're putting into the roster. We've got a wide range of wrestlers including everything from late 80's gimmicks (albino twins?) to third generation puro guys in plain black trunks. We're having a hell of a lot of fun with these guys and girls and I'm just getting a huge kick out of creating a federation the way I think we all really want to see it done. Then again, you guys will probably just tear the roster apart to make room for you caws and that's cool. But our's will be in the box art ;)

Another reason for spending so much time creating a believable roster is the need for a strong career mode. In order to sustain a sufficient level of drama in the career mode there needs to be a good deal of drama surrounding the characters themselves. For example, Dre may look like a tough bitch but only when you learn about her history in the indie scene and her microphone tirade during a show in Texas will you truly get a sense of her agenda and reason for doing what she does. The same level of dedication towards every member of the PWX roster will show through and hopefully inspire a lot of great matches when you get the game. I know I'm looking forward to scrolling through menu and instead of just seeing Tirador and thinking, "cool mask" I'll be saying to myself, "there's that smug son of a bitch."

Back to the indie wrestlers in real life. Are there a lot of talented workers who would add to the value of PW-X? Absolutely. But would having a roster consisting purely of top level indie guys be worth the time and trouble it would take to create? Probably not. Look at it from our point of view. To do just one wrestler justice we would want to first perfectly create his likeness. This would cost a good chunk of money in labor costs and I have to ask, is it really worth it when fans like you will be busting open Photoshop and creating the guys you want anyway? The same goes for the move lists of each wrestler. Now I'm a big fan of a lot of indie guys, don't get me wrong, but can I honestly say we can afford to research every single wrestler to ensure his move list is 100% accurate especially when each wrestler could have over a hundred of moves given the amount of unique situations? Probably not. Again, I beleive the fans will do a better job than we could given their dedication to accurately creating their favorite indie guys. Add that to the fact that caws will be traded by the hundreds within weeks of PW-X's release and I think you'll agree that we could be spending our resources better on other features fans won't be able to do for themselves like match types and move animations.

Now let's consider the marketing value of signing indie guys to the PW-X project. Let's pretend we sign NWA champ Ron "The Truth" Killings to use his likeness in the game. Would that be cool? Sure would. But the truth of the matter is that any kid who's going to by PW-X because Killings is in the game is ALREADY going to buy the game because of the gameplay and features. Do you see what I mean? Even the best and brightest indie stars would fail to generate any interest outside of the indie wrestling scene and I beleive we can reach those fans, and have done so already to a respectable degree, on our own. Remember what I've been saying since day one, gameplay over everything else. Just take a look at our message board and you'll see this philosophy holding true. There have been endless debates on damage and submission systems, class structure, special move mechanics, and barely a blip about who should be in the game if we could get them. I think it's safe to say that PW-X supporters would rather see good targeted submissions in the game than the entire WWE roster since the beginning of time. Am I wrong?

Now let me completely contradict myself.

We are going after indie wrestlers for a reason. There is something we can offer each other that no other game but PW-X can provide. Sadly, the exact plan for indie wrestlers falls into the catagory of things I spoke about inthe last newsletter and I can't share any details with you just yet. But just like I promised last week, all suprises will be good ones.

Before I put the roster issue to rest I need to thank the L.A. creative team for the work they've done and will do in the future to help bring our fantasy roster to life. Jessica's attention to detail and historical accuracy is enviable and thanks to her the wrestlers on the PW-X roster will shine with Jessica-ness. Also in need of some well earned respect is Alek, who's dedication to treating PW-X fans as intelligent human beings who can spot bullshit a mile away and not brain dead consumers means reading about the world of PW-X and it's characters will be almost as fun as playing the game. Almost :)

2) Happy Holidays
The crew and I wish every one of you a kick ass holiday season and I hope Santa leaves a rich investor under every tree!

In the meantime and in-between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you all,
Dave Wishnowski