Newsletter 35

Hello and welcome to the WGU newsletter #35!

In this issue
1) Flying High Again
2) PW-X and major indie wrestlers
3) Mel stomps Sanders?
4) It's happening again...
1) Flying High Again
As I type this newsletter this morning a fan, friend, and potential financial supporter of the WGU is on a plane flying over the Rocky Mountains on her way location considered by many to be the birth place of modern professional wrestling and the origin of many of it's stars. Tomorrow is a big day for the WGU and she's successful it will be the shot in the arm we need to get PW-X off the ground in the eyes of the media and investors. I've learned not to get to excited about things until their written in stone but, dammit, I'm stoked and jealous as hell that I'm not the one going.

Good luck, Tracy.

2) PW-X and major indie wrestlers
It's official, last week we made a handshake deal with a local NWA champ to use his likeness and animate his signature moves for PW-X. He's a young, talented, rising star who's already had great matches with some of the most popular indie guys and he's on his way to L.A. this weekend to make a deal to go to Japan. We wish him the best of luck and look forward to introducing him soon to the WGU fans.

I get a lot of email asking which indie stars might be contributing to PW-X. I have a better idea, why don't you tell us?

Email me your list of indie stars you think would help make PW-X an even better game and we'll do out best to get them involved on your behalf. Tell me what it is about each wrestler that makes him/her a good choice. Is it their moves? Their gimmick? Do you have any contact info we could use? (phone number, website address, etc)

We've already listened to people who said, "you gotta talk to this guy" and as a result he's going to contribute. Your favorite indie wrestler could very well be eager to see himself immortalized in PW-X and you could be the guy that helped make it possible.

Email your suggestions to with the subject line "indie wrestlers" and I promise to make contact and do my best to get them involved.

3) Mel stomps Sanders?
Let's get ready to RRRRRRRUMBLE!!

What would happen if our renegade crew member, Mel Hauser, got a chance to talk to Sanders Keel and rip him a new one? Well we way have finally got a chance to see for ourselves as the two of them have been at each other's throats on a martial arts related message board. You'll even recognize some familiar names from the PW-X board and they've all done an A+ job making their case.

Is it really Sanders? I have my doubts as it would mean he'd be in serious shit with THQ for getting involved in such a public display of corporate stupidity. But hey, if it is him, it's one hell of an entertaining show.

See for yourself...

YamatoDamashi is Sanders...apparently.

4) It's happening again...
If, like me, you returned your copy of No Mercy three times and still have to live with "the glitch" you've probably learned to live with it in order to enjoy the game at all.

If that's the case I urge you not to visit the link below. It details one person's experiences trying to get THQ to do the right thing and fix his cart. Needless to say, his reading his experiences revived old blood thirsty thoughts in me and rekindled my THQ nightmare. But the ending to his story is just plain incredible....

The THQ Timeline of Ineptitude

In the meantime and in between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Dave Wishnowski