Newsletter 33

Hello and welcome to the WGU newsletter #33!

In this issue
1) Instruction manual
2) Carrying the belt
3) How you can help us for FREE
4) 2-count kick out

1) Instruction Manual
Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their opinions on the instruction manual issue. Last week I asked for help deciding if we should include a massive printed instruction manual with Pro Wrestling X or if fans would prefer we saved production costs and and offered the manual for download instead. Thanks to your input we've decided to include a small manual outlining basic gameplay along with a PDF file on disc and our web site containing the full manual and FAQ. This approach will save us significant money which we can turn into more moves and features for PW-X. Who knows, we may even use some of those savings to include a special suprise with the first few thousand copies of the game.

2) Carrying the belt
I saw a message board post the other day regarding how wrestlers will carry belts to the ring and I thought it was very interesting. So far we had only really considered having them worn over the shoulder or held by hand. The reason for not wearing them around the waist was slip-though with larger wrestlers and floating away from the bodies of smaller wrestlers. Some good ideas we're presented on the board, though, that I'm going to have the design team take a look at. I saw some suggestions that I'd really like to see in PW-X and it's just a matter of technical issues if they make the game. One thing is for certain, you WILL be able to carry your belt(s) to the ring in one way or another. What's the point of winning them if you can't gloat on your way to the ring? We also plan on having some form of celebration scene after winning any title belt even in exhibition. You just gotta rub it in your opponent's face :)

Speaking of belts, we are working on the logistics of the proposed create-a-belt feature. The way we are planning it so far is this:

1)Pick your strap shape and color
2)Choose center plate shape and color
3)Choose side plates shape and color

We also want to allow you to edit type on the center plate although any text placed on the center plate will likely only be visible during menu selections and not on the 3D rendered belt carried to the ring. But hey, you never know what the maniac programmers will come up with.

3) How you can help us for FREE
Now that investors are seriously looking at us, numbers matter more than ever. There are hundreds of you subscribing to the WGU newsletter and only 129 of you are registered users of our unofficial message board. Please, you don't have to post messages or even visit the board regularly but if all of you just took the 30 seconds it takes to sign up we would seriously increase our chances with investors and other very important people.

Please, show investors, the media, and our competition how serious you are about wanting us to produce PW-X and register for the message board. It's quick, easy, and totally free.

Just go to this url...

Click on the link titled "Register Your Free Account" near the top of the page and give yourself a pat on the back knowing you did something to help a group of wrestling fans make our dream game a reality. Thanks in advance, we're counting on you!

4) 2-count kick out
I won't lie to you guys. Last week was a tough one for us. We lost a potential investor when we we're closer than ever and it really took the wind out of our sails for a moment. Sure, we could have all went home crying like babies about how the big bad world was mean to us and no one would have blamed us. Back to square one. Or is it? Ok, so some jackass couldn't see what a great opportunity the PW-X project is. Now let's take a good hard look at what we do have:

1) A solid plan for a brilliant wrestling game.
2) The support of thousands of diehard fans who will buy the game.
3) The commitment of a talented and fearless crew to make the game.

Do you know how many other new development companies can claim to have a loyal and supportive following like the WGU? Me neither. We've got all of the ingredients for a massive success and one day soon we'll get the last missing ingredient, money. And when we get it we will attack this project in a frenzy of hard work to make it everything we said it would be.

It's not how many times you get knocked down. It's how many times you get back up.

Besides, to say we're back at square one would be a lie. We actually have a few MAJOR things brewing with some icons in the wrestling industry that just started to take off a few days ago that I'm very excited about. It's a long shot but if we pull it off it'll the the game industry equivalent of Spike putting Brock though a table. We've also secured the help of a local NWA champ to help us get some original moves for the game. I'll make an official announcement about him soon. He's really excited to help out especially because he's going to get to beat the hell out of one of our animators in the ring for reference material. Poor bastard.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Dave Wishnowski