Newsletter 31

Hello and welcome to the WGU newsletter #31!

In this issue
1) What's our competition?
2) Help Promote the WGU!
3) What's going on?

1) What's our competition
Smart investors don't part easily with their money. They make informed and calculated decisions based on a thorough understanding of the risks involved in any new venture. That is why our eternally potential investors have asked us to provide with something and I'd like to ask your help in preparing it for them.

They want to see something called a "competitive analysis". What it is is a comparison of our game Pro Wrestling X and the other wrestling games currently on the market. We need to look at the reasons every other game has succeeded or failed in the marketplace and compare PW-X with them. What does PW-X offer gamers that other games do not? What kind of fans want PW-X and why do we believe they will buy our game when faced with all the other games on the shelves? How is our game better, how is it worse, and why does it matter?

To assist us in gathering informed opinions on this issue I have posted a new topic on our unofficial message board at...

I'd appreciate it a lot if you could drop by and tell us in your own words why you think PW-X will succeed and why investors should feel confident that their investment is money well spent.

Thank you in advance. You rule :)

2) Help Promote the WGU!
I get email all the time from excited gamers wanting to know how they can help the WGU produce Pro Wrestling X. Even if you don't know a thing about programming, animation, art, or business, you can still be one of the biggest positive influences on our chances of success. How? It's simple. Word of mouth is what's got us this far and word of mouth is what's going to eventually make or break the WGU and PW-X.

The WGU has gotten amazingly close to our goal of a better wrestling game with absolutely NO formal advertising or marketing. None. Zip. Nadda. Now it's time to see just how much more we can accomplish if we actually focus our efforts and actively reach out to the wrestling fans of the world and get them excited about the WGU. We can't afford expensive full page ads in major gaming magazines and we sure as hell can't afford to advertise on television. But we don't really need to waste a lot of time and energy convincing people to like our game. We just need to tap them on the shoulder and say, "Somebody is making a better wrestling game." The rest will take care of itself because I believe, and it's been proven by thousands of fans I've already heard from, that thousands more gamers like you are dying for a game like PW-X and all they need is someone to show them the WGU is out there doing it.

Were are all the wrestling fans? Well, we know that a hell of a lot of them go to WWE and indie shows in cities and towns all over the world. What I'm asking WGU supporters to do is simply download a flyer from our web site, make some photocopies, cut 'em up, and take a fistful to the next wrestling show you attend and put them on windshields on cars in the parking lot, leave some sitting on bus seats, wherever a new WGU fan might see them.

The flyer can be downloaded here:

Sure, the headline on the flyer is rather alarmist but you have to admit it would get your attention.

It's crude but it'll do the job. If anyone else out there feels they can come up with some more flyer ideas I'd love to see them. Just email them to me at

This may seem like an odd way to support the WGU but trust me when I say that the power really is with the fans and you have the opportunity to bring us more attention than even the best print ad in any magazine. Word of mouth. By the fans, for the fans.

3) What's going on?
*John B. is busy modeling characters.
*Dan is working hard on the Asian Arena.
*Marla is slaving away evaluating engines.
*Mike is advising me on programming issues
*Ono is advising me on sperm whales.
*Ash is working with Marla checking our engines.
*Darrell is waiting for the mail.
*Jess is drawing her heart out.
*Alek is writing his hand off.
*Mel is being Mel.
*Investors are asking lots of questions.
*I'm giving them good answers.
*Publishers are being researched,
*Distributors are being researched.
*The design document is being developed by the programmers, Alek, and myself.
*Alternate funding plans are in progress.
*A major 3D engine deal is in progress.
*Indie wrestlers have been approached and have responded positively.
*Indie feds have been approached and have responded positively.

So in other words, we're doing it.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Dave Wishnowski