Newsletter 29

In this issue
1) Meeting last Saturday
2) Meeting next Saturday
3) No investors?
4) Lend me your steel!

1) Meeting this Saturday
This last Saturday members of the art and animation team met with me to discuss the workload for PW-X. Our goal was to break down the total minutes of animation needed as well as the total amount of graphic elements such as textures, models, etc. We quickly learned to my great pleasure that the artists could complete their work on PW-X in as little as six months with everyone working full time. That includes over 1700 moves, over 30 arenas, and hundreds upon hundreds of CAW parts.

This is great news for all of us itching to get our hands on the game but keep in mind that we still need to get the programmers together to discuss their workload which I realistically believe will be much more intensive. I meet with them Saturday and I'll fill you in next Friday in the next newsletter.

Here are some of the interesting points brought up at the meeting with the artists:

1) Blair insisted we could animate fighting between audience members just like they like to do at RAW tapings here in Vancouver. Wouldn't that be hilarious if you could work a match in such a way that fans of each wrestler would get so worked up they would start punching each other out?

2) Texturing clothing for the CAW is so easily done by our guys that PW-X should ship with an amazing amount of clothing.

3) Darrell has been working hard on a little suprise with Alek and Jess that could be ready in a month or two. Too bad his motherboard melted and he's out of commission for a week.

4) Doritos are better than chips.

5) I am the greatest game producer in the world because I was smart enough to hire these guys.

2) Meeting Next Saturday
Mike, Ono, and two new programmers will be joining me this Saturday to hammer out the details of PW-X's programming nightmare. We knew PW-X was an ambitious project but it's looking like the programming will outweigh even the massive animation task in terms of labor and time. Physics, graphics pipeline, AI, these are not terms to be taken lightly. Hell, I'm suprised I still have programmers talking to me after they begin to understand what it is they'll be expected to do.
I'll let you know how it goes.

3) No investors?
Didn't mean to scare you with that subject header. We absolutely do have a few investors on the hook and we're currently working on producing some impressive material to woo them our way. What I'm referring to by saying, "no investors?" is a crazy, insane, oh-my-god-you-can't-be-serious-it'll-never-work
plan I've been developing with Alek, Mel, Tracy (marketing genius), and actually one of my investors. If it works we could be looking at an unprecedented event in gaming history and possibly eliminate the need for any serious sum of investor money. We've got balls the size of Texas for even thinking of this and it's going to take a few months before we can release more details. Let's just say that when PW-X is releasd you could own more than
just a shiny little disc.

4) Lend me your steel!
WGU supporters are always emailing me and asking how they can help. Well, in a few weeks the crew and I will be taking you up on your offer and asking you to help us save some money on promotion and marketing. We haven't even begun to promote the WGU and PW-X and look how far we've gotten so far? Amazing! You're going to help us revolutionize the way the industry treats gamers. Get ready....

In the meantime and in between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Dave Wishnowski