Newsletter 21

Hello and welcome to the WGU newsletter #21!

Another great week to report...

In this issue
1) Game Progress-technical.
2) Game Progress-business.
3) New Message board
4) Get well, Kerrick
5) Say it ain't so, AKI
6) Thank You

1) Game Progress-technical
Full blown production of our game isn't scheduled to begin until the end of August when (keep your fingers crossed John) investor money is in the bank. However, a few eager souls on the design team just can't keep still waiting to start and they've started modeling the wrestlers for fun. We hope to have a few finished 3D models for fans when the new WGU site launches at the end of the month. I guess that answers one question that's been on most people's minds since we started this project. Yes, our game will be in 3D, not 2D like Fire Pro D. My main concern regarding game engine was lag time with multiple characters on screen if we went full 3D. Again, the stellar WGU team assured me that full gorgeous 3D and a ring full of wrestlers was "not a problem". Don't you just love these guys?

Reference material for the move animations is under way and it's a nightmare. Reference video clips of well over 1500 moves have to each be captured and cataloged to separate avi files. Thank God I have WGU supporters helping out in this area. It'll likely take five guys working every day at least a month to finish. But in the end the animators will have solid material to reference from and (hopefully) their job will be made much easier.

Character specs are in production thanks to the tireless efforts of Alek T. and artist supreme Jessica S. in Los Angeles. I'm looking forward to sharing their collective work with everyone when the new site opens. Jaws will be dropping, guaranteed.

2) Game Progress- Business
Investors-interesting group of people. Some of them want to invest a few thousand dollars and just wish you well. Others claim to be interested in investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sounds great, right? Not when you realize they want little things in return like:

1)Full financial control of the company
2)Full creative control of the project
3)A crippling return rate on their investment
4)The power to hire and fire your staff
5)Your first born child
6)The deed to your house

Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little...nobody asked for the deed to my house. The point is, money comes at a price, a BIG price. Like I said, some investors are genuinely excited for us and have agreed to throw in a few thousand dollars (enough for a parking space and a PC, right Dan?) and I thank them from the bottom of my N64 controller-shaped heart. But it's not enough to pay my team a salary like they deserve. I'm still negotiating with the "big" investor and I have faith we can work out something mutually acceptable to both sides. Keep you fingers crossed everyone.

3) New Message board
A new message board has opened dedicated solely to the WGU project. Please stop by and support the guys who started the board. They're two of the WGU's most loyal supporters and creators of the first unofficial WGU fan site. I love the domain name they picked...

4) Get well, Kerrick
On of our art staff was involved in a little car accident last week. He's ok, but his hand is a little messed up and he'll be out of commission for a little while. Take it easy, Kerrick, and next time steer AWAY from the mountain.

5) Say it ain't so, AKI
Word on the street (ok, message boards) is that AKI is alive and well and producing a wrestling game for EA. Match made in heaven? Possibly, but not when the major license their slapping on the project is Def Jam records. Want to hear the roster list? No. You don't. It's all rappers from the Def Jam label. I'm not even going to get started on a rant about how insulting this is to true wrestling gamers until more details are confirmed. But in a humorous side note WGU programmer, Ono, offered these even MORE insulting wrestling game possibilities....

"Street Fighter Alpha Beta Hydroxi 6.7b Omega II Wrestling!
Brittany Spears Dance Wrestling (You got the groove?)
WWE INTRIGUE All Managers, All Divas. Who needs the stinkin' wrestlers?
WWE MATCHUP Can you match up these wrestlers with their true loves?

For the last one, there'd have to be a picture of a forlorn Kane with some posies in his hand."

6) Thank You
Alek T- One bashed up honest guy
Jessica S- How many times can I thank you?
Lil' Cube and Shi-yu- I'm getting a lot of positive email about your site.
Mark P- A bulldog in a suit and he's on our side!
Ken D- Worlds greatest lawyer.
Tracy M- For arranging potentially the biggest publicity deal we could ever hope for.
Kevin S.- For submitting some great tunes.
Vlad M.- For being a network Rain Man.
WGU crew- For being patient, understanding, and cool as hell!
Ken C. -For being a well connected accountant and sticking up for me and this project.
Ken B. -For all the free loops.
The Hell Dogs- The greatest stable that never was.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thanks for your time and support,
Dave W.
ICQ# 140047363