Newsletter 19

Hello and welcome to the WGU newsletter #19!

I apologize in advance if this weeks newsletter seems a little short. I managed to seriously screw up my back yesterday and I can barely sit at the computer for five minutes before popping Tylenol like Tic Tacs.

In this issue
1) Game Progress.
2) Investors are interested.
3) Distribution
4) Thank you

1) Game Progress
After living with the WGU game project in our minds and imaginations these past months it's been rewarding and exciting to see the game take it's initial steps into the physical world. New move animations are being completed almost daily, a tentative arena has just been modelled by a talented job applicant, and many original costume designs are literally on the drawing board. And it all looks fantastic. Period.

WGU supporters will get to see these exclusive design elements when the new WGU site launches in late August. I know you'll share my excitement and enthusiasm when you see proof that The People's Wrestling Game isn't just being talked about, it's being made. It's for real. And it rocks.

2) Investors are interested.
I had three very solid meetings with different investors this past week and financing for the project is looking very good. Every investor was genuinely impressed by the project's potential for immediate success and eager to know how soon the game could be on the market once funding was secured. I have many more business related issues that I want to discuss with the design team before commenting on them further.

3) Distribution
WGU members want to know where they will be able to buy the game once it's finished. This is where I need your input. I am currently in talks with a marketing firm and they've advised me to pursue the option of giving one retailer exclusive rights to sell the game.

Why? Simple. Because we are a new company with a new game and without a WWE license to guarantee sales, we need to give a prospective retailer a reason to stock our game. By giving them the sole rights to sell our game they would then be in the position profit from every unit sold. Not having to share sales with other retailers is something they would find very attractive.

So my question to you is; If you could only buy the WGU game one store, which store would you like it to be?

a) Toys R Us
b) Electronics Boutique
c) Future Shop
d) Microplay
e) Other

Please email your answer to

And keep in mind that regardless of which retailer carries our game we will still offer it via mail order from our website for those of you who do not have a major retailer in your area.

4) Thank you
The WGU project is made stronger each day through the guidance and support of the people listed below.

Ken B.- For championing the project to very powerful people.
Tom L.- For arranging a meeting between me and those people and picking up the tab.
Bill L.-For opening the door to a potentially powerful partnership.
Tracy M.-For her invaluable marketing expertise and influence.
Rich K.-For making his talent and experience available to the project and for being one hell of good guy.
Alek- For talking my ear off and not making me hate it.
Jessica-For what will surely be some fantastic work.
Ellen H.-For offering to finance the project without requiring my soul in return.
Marc P. -For a wonderful meeting and possible funding.
Ken D. -For the most honest and direct legal advice I could ask for.
Kenneth C.-For admitting the project may be beyond his abilities and referring me to people who could help.
Alexis- For the best game of phone tag I ever had.
Danica- For getting me in touch with the untouchable.
All of you- Without you we're nothing.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it. Another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thanks for your time and support,

Dave W.