Newsletter 13

Hello and welcome to the WGU newsletter #13!

In this issue
1) Game progress
2) You pick the team!
3) ICQ and mailing address
4) Game Name and screens
5) Free Wrestling games
6) Thank you's

1) Game Progress
I'm happy to report that progress on the wrestling game WGU is developing has reached a major milestone. The preliminary blueprint for the control scheme is done. Concerned gamers have been asking us since the project began if it was going to play like the AKI engine, Fire Pro, or something else. Well, we finally have an answer for you and...we're not going to tell you yet. Until the plans are reviewed by our development team (technical geniuses) we don't want to make promises we can't keep. When we are satisfied that the plans we have can be technically accomplished we don't want to release too many details on the game engine. The trust and support we have from wrestling gamers is priceless and we don't want to blow it by saying something will be in the game and then having to break our promise because we spoke to soon. I can say this, you will like it...a lot.

And speaking of our development team....

2) You pick the team!
WGU has been literally flooded with job applications in the past few weeks after news of our project was released in the gaming industry. I've spent up to two hours a day for the last week sorting through resumes and viewing demo reels from animators and artists. The level of talent in the applicants has been overwhelmingly top notch. I'm seeing fifteen minute animated masterpieces from some of these people that look as good as or better than what I've seen on t.v. and in movies. Picking the right candidates will be a daunting task so I figure I'll let you do it for me! Once all the demo reels arrive over the next few weeks I'll post them for you to view and vote for which animators you think will do the best job for WGU. It's just one more way to keep the gamers involved in the game and having thier say.

3) ICQ and mailing address
You can now help out even more by sending WGU tapes or video clips of moves and taunts by mail or over ICQ. Also, we've been getting some great wrestling stuff to decorate our offices and offer inspiration during the development process. My personal favorite was the Sting action figure from Darrell Beers, thanks Darrell! If you have any old wrestling junk you're tired of and want to help decorate the WGU walls and desks send it all in, we'd love to give it a new home. Action figures, posters, whatever. We'll take whatever you're throwing away and take good care of it.

Send us your tapes and other stuff here...

Wrestling Gamers United
p.o. box 28585 4050 East Hastings
Buraby, B.C. Canada
V5C 6J4
*edit to newsletter* fixed the postal code
Or you can try catching me on ICQ. My number is 140047363

4) Game Name and screens
We've been getting requests from eager gamers to see some game screens. We do have some rough ideas done but, again, we don't want to jump the gun and show them until we've legally secured the game's name. There is still time to give your ideas for possible names for the game if you have some. We don't have to pick one for a few months yet so if you have any ideas just email them to me at and we'll see if we like any better than what we have so far. So far the best we could come up with was, "Fuzzy Bunny Happy Fun Wrestling Super Fun." Just kidding.

5) Free Wrestling games
There is a website I think a lot of you will find useful. It contains a large array of old wrestling games for Sega,Nintendo, and others including a lot of old Fire Pro games and other classics. The address is check it out, it's worth a look. All the games are free to download and the list of available games is rotated every day.

6) Thank you's
The efforts of the WGU have been boosted beyond my wildest dreams by all of the gamers out there who took the time to send me page after page of ideas and opinions. Honestly, you guys are great, I couldn't do this without you, thank you. I'd also like to thank Vicki Lowis, alumni coordinator for CDIS in Vancouver for sending an avalanche of students and graduates to WGU. Unreal talent coming out of that place. If you live in the area I highly recommend that you check out thier game design program.

Keep sending in your ideas! This is your chance to make a difference in the games you play. Isn't that we we've all been asking for?

Talk to you next week,guys.

Dave W.