Newsletter 11

Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #11
Hello and welcome to the WGU newsletter #11!

In this issue
1) WGU game progress
2) Newsletter #10 reaction
3) ICQ movies

1) WGU game progress
The most asked question by visitors to WGU is about the game we are currently developing. Exciting? Yes. Going to actually happen? Hell, yes. Going to be finished in the next few months? Absolutely...not. I would love to act like the savior of wrestling games and hype the hell out of this project by telling you we have a team of fifty programmers and animators hard at work every day on our game, but I'm just not going to lie to you all. But, the truth isn't grim, either. Let me give you a run down on where we are at the present moment;

a)We need to raise money to pay our team and make the game.
b)We need investors willing to give us that money.
c)We need to establish a legal "company" in order to secure investors.
d)We need to estimate the cost of producing the game as well as the projected profits before a company can be set up.
e)We need to consult with at least one programmer, animator, and artist in order to obtain an accurate budget and create the game's "design document" and "technical document".

So at this point we are at "e". We have an artist and an animator willing to at least help out with drawing up the design and budget of the game, but we need to at least consult with a programmer to complete the budget. And we are not sitting around waiting for one to drop out of the sky. High profile technical schools like Digipen in Washington and CDIS in Vancouver have been contacted in an effort to locate a suitable candidate. Rep

In the meantime, there is still plenty than can and is being done until the programming aspects of the game design can be finalized. As you know, The move list for the game is growing almost daily, thanks to WGU supports such as yourself. Also, the art work for the games menu screens are already in production and they're looking pretty damn sweet. As well, the games engine itself is also nearing planning completion. All of the original music in the game has also been taken care of. In keeping with the game's independant underdog beginnings, independant bands have been lined up to contribute original punk, techno, metal, and other types of music. How cool is that?

I can't in all honesty tell you what will be in the game until the programmer is consulted. I can tell you what we PLAN to have in the game, but, again, until our wish list can be confirmed for real-world practicality I don't want to make promises I can't keep. But rest assured, the number one focus of our game plan is GAME PLAY. And that's the way it'll stay until the end.

2) Newsletter #10 reaction
Well, I must say, when I originally sent out the last newsletter containing my THQ screwjob rant I didn't expect such a passionate response! For starters, not a day has gone by that at least ten more gamers have written and told me that they cancelled their WMX8 pre order. Good for you! It's about time that we start thinking for ourselves and try a game before spending our hard earned cash on it. Don't let anyone tell you that you are less of a wrestling fan simply because your smart enough to make your own decisions about a game and not just blindly trusting in all the hype that a company such as THQ throws at you. WMX8 may turn out to be a fine game. But a lot of you will rent it first and buy later if the game warrants it. That's the way it should be.

As some of you have reported to me, last weeks newsletter has shown up on a few public message boards and while there was a fair share of knee- jerk reaction, some of you fired back with some of the most well-written commentary I've ever read! I just had to share some of it with you...

The following response to criticism was posted by "Mel"...

"Sigh. Aside from the fact that spewing catchphrases from 1997 has never been, nor will ever be a substitute for a well-thought counter-commentary, you guys have set a new low water mark for missing the point. I understand that the game is on its way and especially after the week's events that passions are going to run high, but for Christ's sake.. most of you sound like the freaking backup choir for Young Goodman Brown. Put away the torches, and read the following.. very.. slowly..

Dave did not, in any context of this piece, claim that he PERSONALLY attended the show.

Dave did not, at any point in this piece, CLAIM to have played the game.

Dave did not, at any point in this piece, CLAIM that he was writing a review.

It's obvious to anyone not jerking off all over a hair-trigger response that this is nothing more than a RECAP of OWEN and MY OWN impressions from e3 from Dave's viewpoint. He isn't adding anything new. He doesn't need either of us to 'confirm' his comments here. Dave has been shooting on the TH*Q monopoly of the wrestling game genre FROM THE BEGINNING of the WGU. Why are you the least bit shocked OR appalled that he's calling the company on its crap? That was the whole stinking point of starting the WGU in the first place. If you didn't expect some hot feelings against the big fish for screwing us over on their promises--and yes, as clear as he stated here, TH*Q did NOT make good on its claims that it was going to look out for the same hardcore AKI fanbase that made them millions off of their n64 games--then why the hell are you even involved in the WGU's project?

You don't want controversy, then get your ass off the mailing list. You don't want pragmatism, don't visit the page. You don't want an alternative to the TH*Q wrestling monopoly, go out and slapnut your Austin 3:16 pancakes on the counter and smell what the nWo is cooking 4 life, or whatever it is that you're inclined to do. But don't sit around and try to act like your crap is coming out golden and the one guy getting involved to try and make a difference that.. if it does indeed bear fruit.. will do nothing but make the world a better place for wrestling fans who want a choice.

It's democracy, comrade. It means anyone who wants to speak their mind is free to, not just YOU. If Dave is so disgusted with what he's seen and heard about the e3 FROM THIS BOARD--and for God's sake, EVERYTHING HE MENTIONED in his list about the game was CLEARLY posted on here in the post e3 threads from people who had PLAYED the game--that he moves a mountain and makes a game for the fan, then more power to him. It's more than anyone else has offered to do besides whine, moan and whine and moan about the people who are whining and moaning.

Welcome to America, 'slappy'. Get over it. People don't think like you do all the time. That's why this ain't China, hijo."

Could it have been said any better? I doubt it! Thanks, Mel.

3) ICQ movies
As promised, an ICQ account has been set up for those of you wishing to contribute move movies via the net. Please note, however, that I will be unable to accept any movie files until after June 10th for reasons far too boring to go into here. Also, you may want to refer to the last newsletter for rough guideline regarding format and file size. The official WGU ICQ number will be 140047363.

That's all for this week. Keep in touch and I'll talk to you all again in a week.

Thanks for your support and keep sending in those ideas!