Newsletter 6

Hello and welcome to the WGU newsletter #6!

In this issue
1) Sunday showdown part 2
2) Sorry, Josh
3) Control System

1) Sunday Showdown Part 2
Last sunday's meeting with mister "X" was postponed until this sunday at noon. For those of you who don't know, I will be meeting with an experienced game animater and programmer who claims to have been previously involved with certain WWF and WCW games for a major developer. I will be meeting with him and discussing the WGU plans for our game and getting his input and advice regarding making our dream a reality. Remember, if you've been holding back and still have some input you'd like to contribute email me at before it's too late.

2) Sorry, Josh
Last week I mentioned that someone sent me a wonderful list of moves from Fire Pro and I mistakenly referred to him as Pat. His name is Josh and I want to thank him again for taking the time to help out like that.

3) Control System
After almost a month of hard work and research a preliminary control system has been drafted for our game. Our goal was to make as many moves possible with the fewest amount of buttons. We believe this was accomplished and when we announce further details I'm sure you'll all be pleased with what we've come up with. It's safe to say that this game will offer the most amount of executable moves per wrestler ever in a wrestling game.

That's all for this week. I look forward to reporting the results of my anticipated meeting with Mr. X in next week's newsletter. Thanks again for your support!

Dave W.
aka Wishbone
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