Newsletter 5

Wrestling Gamers United newsletter #5

1) Sunday Showdown
I recieved a phone call from an interesting person last week. He claims to have worked on a major WWF wrestling game as an animator in 2000. It seems the developer he worked for had to tank the project after they lost the wwf licence to Yukes. However, he still has access to the game engine they were working on and asked if I could meet with him this sunday. I'll let you know how the meeting goes and what I learn...

2) Moves from Hell
I'd like to thank a guy named Pat for sending me a list of every single move in Fire Pro D along with another list of every other move he could think of. The list will come in handy because the guys at WGU are busy getting a list of moves from games like No Mercy, Revenge, Giant Gram 2000, and others. After all, what's the point of making the perfect wrestling game if it doesn't have all the moves the other games before it had? The next thing we have to do is capture each and every move to a seperate movie file. That should take a while.

3) Survey results
The results from the first two surveys have been compiled and here they are:

Favorite Game-
No Mercy(AKI series) 65%
Fire Pro(D A G etc..) 29%
Smackdown series 4%
Others 2%

Least Favorite Game-
Smackdown Series 87%
WWF Raw(Xbox) 11%
Fire Pro series 2%

Interesting results. But how does it explain the impressive sales figures from Raw for XBox? Hmmm....

So far the second survey has suprised even me. In an age where we are told that WWF=wrestling 98% of you said you'd rather have a game with a good CAW than a WWF roster.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to answer the surveys and share their thoughts with us at WGU. I'll be back next week with more news so tell all your friends and keep in touch!

Dave W.
aka Wishbone