Dave Interview #2

Shi-yu: Thank you for once again sitting down and taking the time outa your busy day to do a interview with us.

Dave:My pleasure. I need a break from dealing with Mel anyway.

Shi-yu: LoL Why?

Dave:Oh I'm just kidding. He's been a great help to the WGU but he makes such a lovely punching bag.

Shi-yu:LOL Well first off, what has gone down since our last interview?

Dave:A lot more than most people know about. Since we spoke last I've been through a few dissapointing investor situations but that looks like it's finally going to pan out soon. The crew has been unbelievably supportive and patient while waiting for the funding to hit the bank. They've been working on a hell of a lot of suprises for everyone that I can't wait to unleash. I've been fairly stingy with what we put out on the website for media but there is so much more waiting in the wings. I've also been in serious talks with one indie federation and made initial contact with a few more. But the bulk of our time has been spent generating the game design elements. Arenas, models, etc.

Shi-yu:Can you Tell us what Indy Fed you are in talks with

Dave:I'm afraid I can't discuss the details regarding any deals currently in progress. I'd love to shoot my mouth off but it's better to wait until things are secured. I hate breaking promises.

Shi-yu Yeah you dont wana become Sanders now do you, With all the debate on the messageboard about the breathing can you shed anylight on how it will be

Dave:The last person I consider a role model is Sanders Keel. Maybe he's a great guy in person but I wouldn't consider him a friend of the wrestling gamers. As for breathing in PWX there won't be a designated breathing button as in the Fire Pro series. Rather, your wrestler recover simply by standing still or during certain holds. Fatigue will be shown in the way your wrestler moves, how fast he moves, and how certain power moves are executed. Your wrestler will never fatigue to the point where he'll stand there unable to move but he may stay down for an awfully long time after an attack and possible stagger on his feet.

Shi-yu:Do you have any conserns about how the game is developing?

Dave:My only concern is that it's not happening fast enough. The only thing standing bewteen us and getting PWX in the hands of the fans is money. We have the talent and crew to make the game, no question. But we need to get them all working full time out of the same office. That's my biggest concern and the focus of my energy these last few weeks. The crew has been busy working on the design elements in their spare time while I pound the pavement asking for money. We are very close. Very close.

Shi-yu:If any of the fans want to make financial contributions can they? and if so how?

Dave:At the moment they can make donations through a PayPal link on our "Help Us" page. But I would encourage anyone interested in donating to the WGU to wait a few weeks. We have something major brewing that fans are going to freak out over. It involves donations but that's all I can say until we finish getting everything together. Let's just say we're going to be giving back to the fans in a big way.

Shi-yu: Are you still thriving under pressure?

Dave:Bring it on! Tell me I can't do something I'll just fight harder. Only I'm not alone in this. I've got a great crew and thousands of WGU supporters behind me.

Shi-yu:see there you go getting me all intrigued and stuff your just a teasing enigma, oh well i just gotta wait and see, When is the next Animation going to be posted on your site?

Dave: The next animation will be from Darrell C. and it will be a brutal double underhook piledriver/Tiger driver type move. Darrell is currently busy on a new version of Dre that he'll be using for an upcoming suprise.

Shi-yu:can you give us how long it will be till the animation will be posted and when the surprise is?

Dave:The surprise is one of many that will be released at least four months from now. But Darrell's animation is scheduled to be posted Oct 11th. He's a busy guy and one hell of a hard worker.

Shi-yu:How Close are we to seeing a beta Version?

Dave:At least eight months for a bare bones version and that's assuming we get funding within the next few weeks. However, we plan to release the CAW editor well in advance of the finished game to give gamers something to play with and get a head start on their CAW's.

Shi-yu:Is there anything you have put on the backburner to specifically put in the first expansion?

Dave:Yes, in order to get the game done in a timely manner we've decided to put the shootfighting mode on hold. Many fans told us it wasn't a "must have" feature so we decided we could let it wait for use as an expansion pack. The shootfighting expansion pak will also include many new strikes and submissions not usually seen in American wrestling.

Shi-yu:When is the meeting with the investers and are you prepared. Can we get a lil sample of your speech?

Dave:I'll be meeting with the two main investors in two weeks and there is a third investor I'm planning to talk to before then as well. I don't have a sales pitch or a speech. I show them what every investor wants to see, a big fat list of fans who say they want to buy the game. At the end of the day the whole thing boils down to how many fans answered the survey on the WGU website and said they would pre order PWX. That shows the investors exactly how much money will be returned when the game is released. It all comes down to the fans.

Shi-yu:Well Thanks again for your time, but before i let you get beck to your busy day, is there any game currently out or coming out that you really wana mess around with?

Dave:Honestly, I don't even have time to play the games I currently own anymore. I'm just waiting for the day when PWX is done so I can sit back and challenge each and every one of the WGU supporters to an online match. All I ever really wanted was a better wrestling game anyway.

Thanks to Dave for the interview!