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The Ref: What should he do and don't do

Ok as many of you know by now it is almost certain that every wrestling game that comes out from now on will have a ref in the ring. This is a cool idea most of the time how ever I believe they need to have buffer zones that forbid the ref to get to close to either opponent. Take "SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain" for instance. If you have played it you know the ref can cost you the match and sometimes it almost seems on purpose. Most of the times, if it's a close match and you get the computer set up in the corner or something and go running after him to hit your move the ref just seems to blindly walk in the way and take the shot giving the computer time to get back on the move again. I think it should be a small buffer zone similar to Power Move Pro Wrestling. In that game the ref was damn near impossible to hit but I don't think they should go that far with his buffer zone, just enough to keep him outta the way.

One interesting thing they did in "Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain" is that if you are holding a weapon in a match where you can get disqualified the ref will come up and take the weapon away from you. Now that idea I personaly like but would like to see Pro Wrestling X take it just a little bit further. In "SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain" if a weapon was dropped in a match where you could get disqualified the ref would just leave it there for the entire match. I would like to see in Pro Wrestling X or another future title the ref either slide the weapon outside the ring or pick it up and carry it out.

Going back to the ref in "SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain" he calls pretty much everything right, but if hes down and a tag is made the tag is all good when he's awake again. In Pro Wrestling X or another future title, I would love to have the ref call people for blind tags. That would add so much more to the tag matches in game. I mean think about it, your getting worked over by two people while the ref is down, you take two specials you know you can get pinned but you barely make it to your tag partner and boom the hot tag. You're the fresh guy and you're kickin ass now for about 15 seconds when the ref gets up and pushes you back to your corner, and the messed up partner had to come back in. That would be great, but it wouldn't only be against you. The computer teams would fall victim to this as well.

One more thing before I end this installment of the Shi-yu Zone. I think that the more you hammer on the ref in any game from now on, the slower he should count for you or your team, but thats common sense now isn't it?

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